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Ideally suited for applications with reduced test pads access

  • Using target device flash interface
  • Parallel access on panel level 
  • e.g. camera applications, key applications, sensors

Dynamic control 
of generic library

  • Test engineer has full control over test routines, allowing dynamic test coverage
  • Flexible use for various applications
  • Configurable I/O lines, interface channels & routines, analogue functions, etc.



The trend towards miniaturization and increased performance of electronic components and
assemblies is still unbroken. In order to save space, but also to avoid disturbances on high speed
buses, test pads on the application are reduced as much as possible.

As a result, classic in-circuit test approaches are in some cases already unable to achieve sufficient test coverage
because access to test points is lacking. This is where ProMik's latest SMART ICT technology comes into play.
Here we use our microcontroller know-how to execute test functions directly on the application. Thus required test points
are limited to the central microcontroller/SoC. In the future, you will benefit from high-speed transfer rates not only during
programming, but also during testing. Even with boundary scan test scopes, SMART ICT helps you save cycle times.
Enormous saving potentials result, among other things, with regard to test coverage, equipment and development.


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