ProMik – Corporate Social Responsibility 

We stand
for responsible
entrepreneurial acting 

Our actions for the future 

ProMik takes responsibility in the sectors of
employees, products, environment and sees it as
our mission to shape the future in the long run. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer satisfaction

We see the person behind every product

Every single employee is important to us. Therefore, an operational health management system,
low hierarchies, fairness and transparency are crucial factors for healthy employees and a modern,
open-minded work atmosphere.

By having flexible working hours or subsidies within childcare, we create a balance between business
and personal aspects. Moreover, every employee gets the chance to develop personally and professionally -
because that is how we create and shape an innovative future together. 


Sustainable acting means quality for us 

We know exactly what is behind our products: High-quality materials, safety and highest quality.
These high standards are achieved by long-lasting partnerships who share our philosophy,
the know-how of our employees, as well as perfectly working processes, which enable
a detailed examination. Our customers on the other hand get the assurance that with every
ProMik product, a piece of safety is carried into the production. 


Green energy for ProMik

To support a green future, ProMik counts on sustainable CO2-neutral electricity when it comes to
the company’s energy supply. It consists of 100% renewable energy sources and therefore does
not produce any climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Moreover, the promotion of public transport
is an important contribution for us that helps building a sustainable and forward-looking way of thinking. 

Data protection

Confidentiality of your data 

Data protection is a top priority for ProMik. In the course of our work it may be necessary to collect
and/ or process personal or sensitive data according to the data protection act. ProMik is commited
to protecting the data of suppliers, customers, employers and other associates.

For this, we act under strict data protection guidelines, which are discussed in advance with our
stakeholders. Within customer projects we work exclusively under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). 

Supply chain

Ecological and social responsibility throughout the process

ProMik's products are based on long-term partnerships with suppliers. We work only with suppliers who comply with our ecological and social principles. We verify this independently by means of ISO-certificates. ProMik also attaches particular importance to working with local suppliers so that transport distances are reduced to a minimum. Especially conflict minerals and their avoidance are an important issue for us. Thus, we regularly compile a list of conflict minerals  for customers in order to guarantee transparency.

Coporate citizenship

Strengthening our society together

Innovations can only flourish in a community where there is a mutual support.
ProMik contributes to a variety of organizations to support a better life worldwide.
Examples are our donations to UNICEF, the animal shelter Feucht and Sternstunden e.V. 
To support young talents we are a proud supporter of scholarships at the

Integrity Platform