ProMik Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security solutions
guarantee secure IT infrastructure connection
& secure file handling with complete On-Chip solutions


Multilayer protection for your application

Cyber Security provides the foundation for protection against multi-layered intrusion attempts. From protecting the running application from attacks in real time via CAN or Ethernet, to protecting the code base in flash memory from being read or data manipulated. To provide sufficient security, modern applications must be secured at multiple levels.

The difference in production

ProMik offers extensive knowledge to support the implementation of cyber security standards in production. The implementation of cyber security in production brings with it many challenges. Among them is the secure handling of serial numbers and keys during the production process. On the other hand, know-how about on-chip security mechanisms is required, such as password protection or the setting of blocking bits.

Stronger networking, additional interfaces and functionalities also increase the attractiveness of an attack on vehicles and the connected infrastructure by hackers with different motivations.

The increasing degree of automation also makes it necessary to protect corresponding vehicle functions against manipulation through security measures. In order to be able to meet customer demands for networking and functionality in the digital age, appropriate security concepts are needed that offer sufficient overarching protection for the vehicles, connected backend systems and customer terminals. 

encrypted communication

Secure data exchange
in production

The interface for transferring production and security data 
from the OEM to the production facility of Tier 1 is in many cases represented
by a manufacturing execution system (4). Via this communication path, ECU-specific data can be
transferred to the corresponding database at the OEM (6), as well as security-relevant data, for example, from a key management system (5).

If key provisioning, i.e. the generation of keys, takes place at Tier1, these can also be transferred to the back-end of the OEM. Alternatively, the security information can also be transferred directly, without an intermediate MES, using the OEM-specific communication interface.

ProMik as strong partner

We gurantee secure solutions
for production!

  • Consulting & implementation of customer-specific cyber security requirements

  • Secure OEM back-end connection via encrypted communication

  • Encryption & decryption of the application software via MES, programmer and bootloader

  • Mastering encryption methods like PGP, AES, RSA and „Elliptic Curve Algorithmen"

  • Hardware for cyber security relevant applications                         

  • Device reprogramming with active security functions via fieldbus interfaces e.g. software updates 

hello, customer

Your cyber security partner
for integrated Flash and test solutions
for electronics manufacturing


ProMik Cyber Security Support

Protect modern applications during production with ProMik's cyber security expertise. Draw on our years of industry experience and implement state-of-the-art security mechanisms in production. With ProMik solutions, you can easily get software, keys, certificates or artefacts securely onto your ECUs.



Security for production


The implementation of cyber security mechanisms in production involves various tasks. It should be emphasised that a profound knowledge of the microcontroller architecture is necessary to protect control units against manipulation, data theft and cyberattacks. ProMik actively supports its customers at this point with solutions for production concepts and their implementation. In doing so, ProMik implements the individual customer requirements taking into account the current cyber security standards. From the determination of the security concept in the production environment to the creation of the protection concept on the application, ProMik advises along the entire value chain in order to successfully implement the demands made by OEMs on the topic of security in production.


When implementing cyber security in production, the customer benefit lies in ProMik's many years of industry experience. Through its market leadership in the development of programming solutions and bootloaders, ProMik gained in-depth security expertise at an early stage, as the microcontroller's security mechanisms have a major impact on programming, and built up comprehensive technology knowledge of secure booting, hardware security modules and SHE/SHE+ modules, as well as strong key management. Plug & Play Cyber Security solutions from ProMik guarantee easy integration in production and implement them according to customer-specific requirements, taking into account the relevant automotive standards.

ProMik Cyber Security

Secure ECU production process


Key management server

  • OEM ECU Data Base
  • Key Provisioning Server

  • MES

Programming of
security relevant data

  • Secure File Handling

  • Encryption/Decryption

  • Key Provisioning on Flash Station

  • Seed & Key

  • Cryptograhic Support for: PGP, AES, ...

On-chip security feature 

  • HSM/SHE(+)
    - HSM Firmware Programming
    - Key Programming
    - Firmware Update

  • Debug Interface Lock
  • Flash Protection

  • Secure Boot Activation
  • Support Custom HSM Firmware
    (e.g Elektrobit, Vector, ...)