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The devices are dismantled according to the DUT.
ProMik covers the complete range of services from the preparation of the DUT specific data
(drilling, milling and wiring data) to mechanical disassembly and wiring, and if necessary, wiring testing.

Our range of services also includes service and maintenance of equipment for manually or
pneumatically driven test fixtures.



That why ProMik

ProMik’s solutions are built on proven and reliable technology.


We offers a complete range of compatible solutions for the automotive industry from R&D, prototyping, NPI, volume production, flashing and testing of programmable devices, PCBs, and fully assembled ECUs (electronic control units).

Industrial Solutions 

In SMART Industrial solutions, ProMik specializes in flashing, testing and configuration management of ECU’s and has established itself as a technology leader supporting a wide range of programmable microcontrollers from the leading chip manufacturers. 

Open Architecture

Our Solutions follow the “open architecture” concept to promote versatile modules with easy integration. ProMik’s solutions support a variety of microcontroller applications, such as in sensors, safety, white goods and appliances, pumps, motors, building automation, environmental and facility management systems, and factory automation.

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