ProMik components


  • Hardware module compatible to MSP21x0Net / MSP22x0Net
  • Memory extension to 128GB
  • Ultra-fast image programming of eMMC via bed of needles
  • Up to 80MB/s
  • Usable with POnlinePro and FlashTaskPro
  • 4bit / 8bit Interface
  • JEDEC standard e.MMC v5.1A compliant

Ultra-fast image programming of eMMC's via bed of needles

Large eMMC devices on state of the art automotive and industrial applications require high amount of data to be handled by the programming system. The eMMC Copy Buffer is used to extend the memory size of the MSP21x0 and MSP22x0 programmer to 128GB and more. This enables High speed In-System Programming of eMMC memories in the production workflow. As being implemented as a hardware extension it can easily be applied to existing systems by using the MDR36 plug on the MSP front panel. This enables seamless integration even into existing systems.The copy mechanism supports all eMMC devices that are compliant to the JEDEC standard (e.g. Hynix, Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Sandisk, Toshiba, ...). Upon request development of vendor properietary functions.

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