ProMik Engineering - Cyber Security, Bootloader, Testing 

Due to the close cooperation of the development laboratory with the semiconductor industry, ProMik combines many years of
experience with a unique, profound know-how in microcontroller technology, resulting in outstanding engineering performance:
Our services range from the development of programming and test strategies, the implementation of cyber security and flash and test bootloader
technologies to the connection with automated production systems. Naturally, ProMik offers you technical consultation in the early
project stage. 

Cyber Security

Together with ProMik you will meet all current and future security requirements.

The increasing networking (IoT) and further autonomization of driving makes cars of tomorrow simply vulnerable to malware and hackers. Due to this development, security concepts have to be established on the application as well as during the production process in order to guarantee a secure product. Consequently, compliances with complex customer-specific safety mechanisms in series production become an increasing part of customer requirements.


Customized MES Implementation

Implementation of communication between ProMik Flash systems and Manufacturing Execution systems (MES)

Traceability and fully automatic order processing comply to current industry standards. Without further ado, it is possible to connect ProMik's programming systems with customized manufacturing execution systems like ITAC or camLine.

Bootloader - Development & Technology

Complex programming requirements demand elaborated, fail-safe bootloaders.

Therefore ProMik focuses on innovative technologies and reliable development. Our services include programming of flash memories using customized bootloaders, programming of devices without test pin access, bootloader concepts for EOL programming via BUS interface as well as sophisticated programming concepts for initial and EOL programming in production.


Board Testing 

Master tomorrow's challenges today with SMART ICT.

SMART ICT is an innovative ICT and FCT software solution which is executed during the inline Flash process. This technology allows you shape your processes in production more efficiently and helps to safe costs long-term. Existing programming systems can be easily upgraded with SMART ICT. 

Know-how by ProMik

Our programming support

Side by side with our customers, we analyze the current situation in order to develop solutions that
achieve efficient processes as well as shortest possible throughput times in production.
Our programming consulting includes engineering consulting regarding the design, flash solution
and strategy consulting
as well as the development of board test strategies.