ProMik components


  • Embedded Linux Quad Core platform
  • 20 multiple configurable interfaces
  • Parallel high speed Flashing                                                          
    (at device specific physical limits)
  • Modular concept for easy project adjustment or modifications
  • 19” rack architecture for easy integration
  • Up to 1,5m target cable length from programmer to target
  • Flash programming software for all use cases              
    (FlashTask Pro, Ponline_Pro)
  • SMART ICT compatible
  • Highest programming quality (0 BPM)

ProMik components


Highest performance based on embedded Linux quad core technology

The MSP2200Net is a powerful flash programmer based on embedded Linux quad-core technology for enhanced computing power
and parallel programming functionality. Used in demanding production environments, the MSP2200Net, thanks to intelligent technology
and shortened FLASH programming times, achieves additional cost savings in entire production cycle. As early as the development stage,
the focus was on simple system integration, parallel high speed programming, maximum efficiency and safety. The result is a
modular concept for easy adaptation to new project requirements, which is optimally designed for both current and future requirements.
It proves its innovation in combination with SMART ICT: ICT, Flash and FCT functions are combined in just one process step.
For you, this in turn means maximum efficiency and maximum cost savings.


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