ProMik components


  • Integrated Field Bus Module                                        
    (CAN-FD, BroadReach and FlexRay)
  • 20 multiple configurable Interfaces
  • Parallel high speed flashing (at device specific physical limits)
  • Modular Concept for easy project adjustment/modifications
  • 19” rack architecture for easy integration
  • Integrated power supply for target application
  • Up to 1,5m target cable length for simple system integration
  • Flash programming software for all Use Cases (FlashTask Pro, Ponline_Pro)
  • Prepared for SMART ICT 

Powerful and modular - for easy implementation of
versatile programming tasks

With the MSP2150Net, we offer our customers a unique tool to perform a wide range of programming tasks. The ultra-modern
multi-standard programmer (ISP) is based on embedded Linux technology and due to its integrated multi-field bus module it
enables communication via all relevant automotive field buses (CAN-FD, BroadR-Reach, FlexRay, etc.). Configurable I/Os ensure
parallel programming at highest speed. Futhermore, when it comes to system integration, the MSP2150Net makes it easy for you:
Among other things, the 19" rack architecture and the possibility of high transmission frequencies of up to 50MHz (JTAG) over 1.5 meter
cable length. The latter is a unique feature that allows the programmers to be integrated into the production line instead of project-specific
interchangeable adapters. Consequently, the in-system programmer is ideally suited for demanding projects in electronics production,
where shortest cycle times and maximum yield are crucial.


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