The number one supplier of vehicle 
control microcontrollers and SoC products 
for the automotive industry.



Renesas is focused on helping our customers realize their 
vision for the future of the automobile.

With billions of SoCs and MCUs supplied to our global customers, Renesas is also a proven partner, true to our policy of
“Quality First.” Our technologies address the latest trends in fuel economy, engine efficiency, driver assist systems, body
control, infotainment, connectivity, security and reliability. Popular families and series are RH850 MCUs,
application designs with R-Car SoC’s, or, the RL78 MCU series used in industrial and automotive applications.

R-Car Gen 3

Cars have come to be called “drivable computers.” Countless LAN-connected MCUs acquire datafrom actuators and sensors, and perform
optimal processing to create earth-friendly cars. Advanced navigation systems not only make driving more pleasant; they also provide safety
with danger avoidance systems using video recognition. We support continually evolving car electronics with the latest technologies and

As an automotive computing platform for the autonomous-driving era, the R-Car H3 provides cognitive computing capabilities and an enhanced
computing performance that can process large volumes of information from vehicle sensors accurately in real-time, making it ideal for
driving safety support systems. The R-Car H3 enables system manufacturers to run applications that require complex processing, such as obstacle
detection, driver status recognition, hazard prediction, and hazard avoidance. To further accelerate the driving safety support systems, the R-Car
H3 also conforms to the ISO 26262 (ASIL-B) functionality safety for automotive. ProMik can offer Renesas customers unique flash programming
solutions, from customized bootloaders to implementing cyber security functions.

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