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Solution for applications 
with or without Test Pads

The special property of SMART ICT to map the specific test functions indirectly via the microcontroller, as well as its programming and debug interfaces, makes it particularly interesting for small components, such as key applications with few or no further test pads.


  • Parallel resources for Testing on Panel Level 
  • Current measurement (ranging from 1uA to 1A)
  • Test functions on Application MCU supported by Bootloader
  • Application Power Up Control
  • Voltage measurement 
  • Field Bus communication BroadR-Reach, CAN-FD, CAN, 
  • Single Wire CAN, FlexRay, LIN


SMART ICT products: 

Your advantages

Reduced cycle time, increased test coverage,
cost saving with the Cost Down Innovation SMART ICT

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your production by reduced cycle time,
increased test coverage and cost saving?

If we now attract your attention, we can provide you with some more detailed
documents about SMART ICT including use cases and more technical data. 
All you must do, is to reach out to our local Sales & Marketing team.



  • SMART ICT Interconnect & Infrastructure testing

    Enabling parallel pcb testing 


Modern Test Method Reveals Potential 
Savings in Electronics Production

SMART ICT optimizes cycle times 
thanks to parallel test functions

Despite this exceptional global situation, we at ProMik always strive to develop new innovations. 
SMART ICT is our newest testing solution for applications with no test pads or just a limited amount available. 

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Balluff GmbH  /  BCS Automotive Interface Solutions  /  Bosch  /  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG  /  Continental  /  
Freetech Intelligent Systems  /  Helbako  /  Hyundai MOBIS  /  Jabil Circuit, Inc.  /  Kimball Electronics  /  Kostal Automobil
Elektrik  / Küster Automotive  /  Kyungshin Corporation  /  Lear  /  LG Innotek  /  Magneti Marelli  /  Mando Hella  /  
Marquardt  /  Mekra Lang  / Melecs EWS  /  PIA Automation  /  Preh  /  Preh Joyson Automotive  /  S&T Motiv Electronics  /  
SL Corporation  /  TRW Automotive  / Valeo  /  Veoneer  /  Visteon  /  Yura Corporation  /  ZF Group  /  Zollner Elektronik AG


ProMik, ever since its foundation in 1995, offers a most comprehensive suite of tools and systems for the programming of standalone/embedded Flash memories and represents state-of-the-art technology and a de-facto standard in the industry. 
It ranges from portable devices for development, new product introduction to complex systems for volume in-line and On-Board production.