ProMik components


  • Embedded Linux Quad Core platform
  • Integrated Fieldbus Module                                                      
    (CAN-FD, BroadRBroadR and FlexRay)
  • 20 multiple configurable interfaces
  • Parallel high speed Flashing                                                          
    (at device specific physical limits)
  • Modular concept for easy project adjustment or modifications
  • 19” rack architecture for easy integration
  • Up to 1,5m target cable length from programmer to target
  • Flash programming software for all use cases              
    (FlashTask Pro, Ponline_Pro)
  • SMART ICT compatible
  • Highest programming quality (0 BPM)

Flexibility all along the line:
The MSP2250Net is ideal for for new project requirements

The MSP2250Net is suitable for all types of on-board programming: From high volume production to development of samples,
the modular concept is versatile thanks to the highly developed configurable hardware and makes adjustments simple and uncomplicated.
Based on embedded Linux Quad Core technology, the MSP2250Net has outstanding computing power, which enables parallel programming
with highest data throughput via all interfaces, which are used for on-board programming.

In addition, the MSP2250Net has a multi-fieldbus module that enables communication over all relevant automotive fieldbuses.
With an integrated power supply for your application, there is no need for an additional external Power supply. On the one hand,
this saves costs and, thanks to our ProMik software, ensures perfect process control. The programmer also delivers further efficiency in
combination with SMART ICT by implementing additional test functions. The combination of ICT, Flash and FCT functionalities in
one process step, significant realize cost savings in production.


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