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FlashTask Pro 
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A Modular concept

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Flash evolution

FlashTask Pro 

Modular concept

  • Process control via Job File  
  • Ultra-Fast Device Driver
  • Bootloader for high speed Data Transfer supported via USB, BroadR-Reach, CAN-FD...
  • Operator friendly user interface 
  • FlashTask Pro - SAP for semi-automated systems
  • Remote Control Interface for Inline Handling-System 
  • Manufacturing Execution System Interface 
  • Enhanced traceability and diagnostics
  • Cyber Security implementation on device and system level

FlashTask Pro 

Feature Overview


  • Creates job files for FTE Engine
  • Easy to use cross platform environment and intuitive graphical user interface with help menus to assist you to easily navigate
  • Pull down menus to set customer specific MCU task, dynamic data programming and traceability options
  • Handles any combination of file formats (S Record, Intel HEX, Binary)
  • Password protection for different operator and administrator modes 


  • Executes validated job files created by the FTJobEditor
  • Optimized for production use, parallel programming of multiple targets
  • Diagnose file generation for quick trouble shooting and support
  • Quality features like Margin Verify & continuous voltage monitoring ensure maximum data retention and quality assurance
  • Robust device drivers including high performance algorithms for reliable flash process

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Balluff GmbH  /  BCS Automotive Interface Solutions  /  Bosch  /  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG  /  Continental  /  
Freetech Intelligent Systems  /  Helbako  /  Hyundai MOBIS  /  Jabil Circuit, Inc.  /  Kimball Electronics  /  Kostal Automobil
Elektrik  / Küster Automotive  /  Kyungshin Corporation  /  Lear  /  LG Innotek  /  Magneti Marelli  /  Mando Hella  /  
Marquardt  /  Mekra Lang  / Melecs EWS  /  PIA Automation  /  Preh  /  Preh Joyson Automotive  /  S&T Motiv Electronics  /  
SL Corporation  /  TRW Automotive  / Valeo  /  Veoneer  /  Visteon  /  Yura Corporation  /  ZF Group  /  Zollner Elektronik AG


ProMik, ever since its foundation in 1995, offers a most comprehensive suite of tools and systems for the programming of standalone/embedded Flash memories and represents state-of-the-art technology and a de-facto standard in the industry. 
It ranges from portable devices for development, new product introduction to complex systems for volume in-line and On-Board production.

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