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SAP2100 - The leading flash programming station


  • Flash Programming Station
  • Modular Concept for upgrade/adaptation
    • Based on MSP21xxNet technology
    • Systemcontrol via FlashTask Pro
    • Easy fixture exchange for multiple Projects (RFID protected)
    • Prepared for SMART Factory 4.0
  • Parallel high speed on-board programming on PCB and panel level


  • Ergonomic workbench meeting highest safety standards 
  • Inhouse fixture design and manufacturing for high speed flash & test cycles 


  • Based on 19” rack components for easy upgrade 
  • Configuration of up to 30 programming modules

Semi-automatic programming station as stand-alone solution
or integrated in the production line 

The integrated semi-automatic programming system SAP2100 is optimally designed for operation with one operator. It is suitable for any
kind of on-board programming and supports fully parallel programming of up to 200 targets. The modular concept allows comprehensive
adaptation to individual production processes and simple system expansions. Another feature of ProMik's Flash stations are shortest
set-up times, which are made possible by ProMik`s plug & play fixtures.

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Based on the MSP2100Net technology with integrated On-Board power supply for the application to be programmed, the system is perfectly
suited for implementing complex programming and test sequences. The SAP2100 system achieves the highest programming speed due to
its proprietary technology and supports all known programming interfaces (JTAG, QSPI, SWD, etc.) for the initial flash programming as
well as various automotive bus systems (CAN-FD, Broadr-Reach, FlexRay, etc.) for the subsequent or end-of-line programming of additional data.

This allows solutions for parallel programming via various interfaces based on a standardized hardware platform.

During operation, this solution convinces especially with simple system setup, safe and easy handling by operator or test engineer as well as
with a flexible connection to the customer's MES system for data exchange, traceability and the implementation of component-specific
cyber security concepts.

The SAP2100 semi-automatic Flash station takes all current and future requirements of electronic module production into account.
The system is characterized by its easy integration into production lines and enables the large-scale production at lowest costs.
The scalable system adapts ideally to new project requirements and also ensures the implementation of complex programming
and test sequences.



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