NXP Semiconductors N.V. enables secure 
connections for a smarter world, advancing solutions 
that make lives easier, better and safer. 



The world leader in secure connectivity solutions. 

As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, industrial & IoT,
mobile, and communication infrastructure markets. The complete device portfolio is supported by ProMik, starting from devices with PowerPC
Architecture up to the latest S32 Automotive devices or i.Mx 8MCU’s based on ARM.

Long Term Collaboration

The first points of contact with NXP arose from previous business relationships with former Motorola and then Freescale
Semiconductor. The partnership was shaped by a joint development of Deep Margin Verify between Motorola/Freescale, automotive OEM and
ProMik. Deep Margin Verify was the world’s first technology to ensure the quality of flash programming. So-called bit flips could be avoided by
implementing the margin verify function in the flashing process. Due to this unique quality assurance technique, the application was very popular
in the automotive sector as well as in industries in which applications of highest quality and long life-cycles are in demand. Today this technology
is still used for avoiding data retention problem within the semiconductor industry. With changes in complexity of applications and series
production requirements, ProMik applied its deep knowledge of flash programming to a new generation of in-system programming solutions
(MSP21xxNet) and On-Board programming stations (SAP2100-AUTO) for series production.

For detailed information about Deep Margin Verify click here.

NFC Controller

NXP NFC Controller are ideally suited for easy integration of NFC technology into cars because it provides an NCI interface, a small PCB
footprint, a small external BOM, and the capability to achieve full NFC Forum compliance with a small form-factor antenna.

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Programming solution for high speed flashing