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ProMik Entwicklung Tools SAP1020/21


  • Flash Programming Station
  • Modular Concept for upgrade/adaption
    • Based on MSP21xxNet technology
    • Systemcontrol based on FlashTask Pro
    • Easy fixture exchange for Multiple Projects (RFID protected)
  • Parallel high speed On-Board programming on PCB and Panel level


  • Inhouse Fixture design and manufacturing for high speed flash & test cylces


  • Flash Programmer integrated in adapter
  • Customer specific adapter sizes

The cost-effective programming system for
Small series and verification samples

SAP1020/21 is a low-cost programming system for use in the laboratory, for prototyping or repair processes in electronics production. The system is
characterized by a robust basic adapter, which can be quickly and easily equipped for flash programming of various applications with project-specific
fixture from ProMik.

The SAP1020/21 system can be delivered with different software packages. POnline_Pro DLL based driver packages are available for implementation
in the customer's host software (e.g. LabView or TestStand). ProMik also offers the FlashTask Pro Production Suite, an intuitive, job-file based software
solution, which eliminates the integration of different DLLs for the customer. In addition, the FlashTask Pro Production Suite includes an administrator mode
for easy setup of programming tasks and an operator mode to ensure the right application software is always integrated into the device.

Based on innovative MSP2100Net technology with integrated on-board power supply for the application, the SAP1020/21 system ensures
parallel high speed programming of multiple targets via mixed interfaces and enables cost-effective and quickly implemented solutions for demanding
On-Board programming tasks.


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