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  • Standard M12 Connector
  • Voltage range 4 – 50 Volt
  • Up to 4A current / 50 Watts per output
  • Independent control of each channel
  • Controllable via Ethernet
  • Programmable inrush current limit and  inrush current timer
  • Individually programmable over-current limit
  • Load current monitoring, reads current continuously or periodically
  • Overload- / overvoltage protection
  • Short-circuit load protection
  • Multiple PSU2048 modules can be installed in parallel in a ProMik 19’’ rack to support up to 40 targets per rack
  • Discharge option for DUT capacitors after switching off
  • Sleep mode with minimal power consumption

Modular power supply unit with 4 independent channels

48 Volt board nets are becoming constantly more essential for automotive OEM in order to decrease fuel consumption and
emissions. As a consequence an increasing number of electronical applications need to be powered up with 48V. To meet
these requirements ProMik developed the. PSU2048 representing a modular and scalable tool to supply multiple
applications in parallel with up to 50 Volt. The PSU2048 is the perfect power supply unit for different use-cases in electronic
board production. It can be used as a stand-alone tool in order to control the power supply for devices under test at any
production and test stage or alternatively as an extension of ProMik programmers in order to realize power supply and test
features integrated into the flash process. 

Furthermore the PSU2048 is qualified for quality assurance monitoring in production, due to its unique logging
function and straight forward MES connectivity.
It is easy to mechanically implement in given systems due to its
standard 19” rack dimensions. The PSU2048 comes with a comfortable, intuitively usable software, controlling voltage and
current settings with sophisticated traceability features.  



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