ProMik components


  • 20 multiple configurable Interfaces 
  • Dedicated interfaces for CAN & LIN
  • Parallel high speed flashing (at device specific physical limits)
  • Modular Concept for easy project adjustment/modifications
  • 19” rack architecture for easy integration
  • Integrated power supply for target application
  • Up to 1,5m target cable length for simple system integration
  • Flash programming software for all Use Cases (FlashTask Pro, Ponline_Pro)
  • Prepared for SMART ICT 

More efficiency for your production with the MSP2100Net In-System-Programmer

The modular production-in-line programming system MSP2100Net guarantees fast parallel programming of different targets
via all relevant interfaces. This includes both interfaces for initial programming (JTAG, BDM, SWD, QSPI, etc.) as well as interfaces
for subsequent programming via a field bus (CAN, LIN). Besides parallel high speed flashing, the programmer shines for
flexibility and efficiency. It achieves lowest production costs for demanding applications, such as MCU, NAND and NOR memories
with high density and ensures consistent quality and reliability. The scalable system also enables simple project adaptations and
modifications in the shortest possible time, making it ideal for adapting to new project requirements. The MSP2100Net delivers
maximum efficiency in combination with SMART ICT. The innovation combines ICT, Flash and FCT functionalities in just one
process step, thereby ensuring maximum cost savings and efficiency for your production. 


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