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On-Chip Cyber Security

In today's interconnected world, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, the need for robust cyber security measures has become increasingly critical. As the digital landscape evolves, so do the threats that target our sensitive information and infrastructure. ProMik, a leading provider of technology solutions, has been at the forefront of enabling cutting-edge on-chip cyber security solutions. By integrating security directly at the chip level, Promik's solutions ensure a more robust and holistic defense against malicious activities. The future of cyber defense starts here, in the heart of the chip.

Key features:

  • Full HSM Activation Flow
    - Various HSM firmware support
    - HSM firmware programming
    - Key provisioning 
    - Key programming
    - Firmware update
  • Implementation of customer-specific software interfaces
  • Debug interface lock
  • Flash protection
  • Secure Boot Activation

ProMik has comprehensive technology knowledge of secure booting,
hardware security modules and SHE/SHE+ modules.

Cybersecurity forms the fundamental basis for safeguarding against complex intrusion attempts. This includes real-time protection of running applications against attacks through CAN or Ethernet, as well as shielding the code stored in flash memory from unauthorized access or data manipulation. To ensure effective security, modern applications need to be fortified at multiple layers. However, implementing cybersecurity during the production process presents numerous challenges. One such challenge is the secure management of serial numbers and keys throughout production. Additionally, expertise in on-chip security mechanisms is crucial. ProMik, being a market leader in programming, testing, and bootloader solutions, has acquired extensive knowledge in cybersecurity early on. Understanding the significant impact of microcontroller security mechanisms on programming, ProMik has developed comprehensive expertise in secure booting, hardware security modules, and SHE/SHE+ modules.

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