Security for production

Secure Key Programming & Provisioning

ProMik offers extensive knowledge to support the implementation of cyber security standards in production which brings with it many challenges. Protect modern applications during production with ProMik's cyber security expertise. Draw on our years of industry experience and implement state-of-the-art security mechanisms in production. With ProMik solutions, you can easily get software, keys, certificates or artefacts securely onto your ECUs.

Key features:

  • ProMik Key Generation and Key Provisioning
  • Encryption / Decryption
  • Cryptographic Support for: PGP, AES, …
  • Connection to Customer Infrastructure e.g. MES, key server, …

Secure onboard key programming & provisioning. 

Secure Onboard Key Provisioning & Programming enables test engineers and developers to securely generate and programm keys, certificates or serial numbers onboard during production. Together with ProMik's programming and test hardware, it's possible to generate crypto keys during the programming process on the module itself which can be PGP or SHA-2 encrypted for example. In addition, ProMik's production software FlashTask Pro provides an secure API to any MES systems or key management server for receiving and storing keys or serial numbers. 

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