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What is Flash Programming?

Flash Programming is a non-volatile programming process during which the flash memory is programmed. This allows a device (e.g. a Microcontroller) to receive and store a program. Only then can the program be executed by the component. 

What are the advantages of Flash Programming?

Since flash programming is a non-volatile process, the stored data on the component is saved even if the supply current to the programmed component is switched off. This means that as soon as the power is reconnected, the MCU, memory or similar can run the program as usual. Compared to other non-volatile processes, flashing has many advantages. These include the high flexibility of the process, which allows software errors to be corrected easier and changes to be made even at short notice. This allows costs to be reduced.

What are the advantages of Onboard Programming?

During Offboard Programming the flashing of the component takes place before the assembly process on the PCB. Compared to that, during Onboard Programming, the flashing takes place after the component is already assembled. This results in various advantages like higher flexibility and cost advantages such as faster time-to-market, supply chain simplification, short-term software updates, repair runs and the writing of dynamic data, which enables an easier realization of Cyber Security measures.

Which core technologies are supported by ProMik's in system programmers?

ProMik’s in system programmers like the MSP-family or the XDM-series support any technologies and architectures. For a detailed list please contact our support:


Why do you need In-Circuit-Tests (ICTs)?

In-circuit tests (ICTs) check values of components and electronic connections on the PCB by using test points. Like this, incorrectly assembled or defective components can be identified before the programming or the final functional test. Nowadays, however, more complex ECUs have the effect that conventional ICTs can hardly be executed anymore. As technologies become more and more compact, PCBs are also becoming smaller, meaning that less test pads can be implemented on them. With ProMik's innovativ test methode, however, you can solve this problem: the so-called SMART ICT enables testing without test pads by loading a temporary software onto the MCU that checks the functionality of the components via peripheral lines. Thus, SMART ICT is not only a solution for lacking test points, but also a time and cost saver.

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Can you program without test points?

Yes, with innovations like ProMik's Production Bootloader technologies, programming without test points on the PCB is also possible. Using our fail-safe bootloader, highly efficient programming concepts can be created - without test pin access. It can also be used for end-of-line programming via fieldbus interfaces. ProMik offers the individual development of RAM bootloaders as well as Flash bootloaders.

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What are the advantages of ProMik's Production Bootloader?

ProMik's Production Bootloader offers various advantages for your production: On the one hand, components that do not have test pin access, such as modern PCBs or external memories, can be tested. ProMik's Production Bootloader also enables bootloader tests, such as RAM and oscillator tests, which are not executable with Boundary Scan. Furthermore, MCU functions can be implemented such as writing OTP memories, fuses, etc. Cyber security and board control functions can also be carried out.

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Is it possible in times of miniaturization to carry out full testing?

Only in limited cases. At the present time, ICTs via test points are hardly possible anymore, since PCBs are becoming increasingly smaller. This means that fewer or, in some cases, even no test pads can be implemented anymore. In addition, test points can influence the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) during execution of functional tests, which can lead to a loss of signal integrity. However, technologies such as ProMik's Production Bootloader and SMART ICT not only create an ideal solution with maximum signal integtrity, but also reduce costs and equipment.

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Does ProMik support RISC-V technologies/ designs?

Yes, ProMik supports RISC-V. 

Why should you choose ProMik as a Flash-Partner?

ProMik is not only a system supplier as we work closely with our customers to develop their ideas individually and to solve their product-related problems. On top of that, we profit from years of experience in the measurement and testing technology market, whereby we are experts on the whole area of flashing and testing. Furthermore, ProMik offers a holistic, high-quality product portfolio, which includes programmers, programming stations, software- and cyber security solutions as well as 24-hour customer service

Why is Cyber Security important in preproduction?

Autonomous driving, ADAS applications and other complex technical innovations in almost every industry demand an extensive security for their use. That is why Cyber Security has become more important than ever. Users of high-tech innovations have to be protected from interventions through hackers. For this reason, cyber security must be implemented in the smallest of components to secure safety from the start. ProMik represents an experienced partner in this area, who implements customer requirements individually. Furthermore, ProMik guarantees secure data exchange in production, for example when transferring data from the OEM to the Tier1 via the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Using this, information can be transferred to the corresponding database at the OEM, as well as be retrieved from a key management system (KMS).

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Why should customers rely on ProMik for the implementation of Cyber Security?

With over 20 years of experience ProMik is an expert in the field of flashing and testing – this includes also Cyber Security. Since ProMik realizes customer-specific projects, we are able to transpose your requests individually. ProMik provides not only support and consulting of cyber security, we also develop secure solutions for the writing and generating of softwares, keys, certificates or artefacts.

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