ProMik components

Programming and test equipment from ProMik is designed to master all challenges in electronics manufacturing.
Our goal is to set industry standards and to provide the appropriate hardware for production programming ensuring
highest efficiency, reliability and versatility. Accelerate your flash process in production now with high speed
on-board programming from ProMik. Optimize your processes further and rely on the in-system programming.
Because the programming, i.e. the writing of data and codes in the memory and microcontroller, is only done
on-board, dynamic data, e.g. serial number or key, can be easily programmed on the control unit.
Discover now the products for innovative on-board programming and testing at ProMik.

Scalable & efficient

XDM Series

The XDM series is ProMik's fastest solution for flashing and testing boards. Each module has four channels - either Ehternet, USB3 or CAN FD. Learn more about the advantages of the End-of-Line Programmer.

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Universal & flexible

Multi Standard Programmer

The Multi Standard Programmer (MSP) series is built on a long lasting innovation process. Today, the In-System Programmer is ProMik's most flexible component for any flash and test requirements, including all common interfaces and versatile features. Explore the extensive capabilities of the MSP.

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Discover new possibilities

Additional hardware

With the additional components for our Multi Standard Programmer (MSP), on-board programming can be further optimized and adapted to customer requirements. Learn how you can customize and improve your flash process with ProMik's additional hardware.

Continous improvement is our goal

Older components