Cost-effective CAN extension for production

Generic CAN API

DLL based concept for Windows 32/64 bit based systems.
Designed for smooth implementation in your host software (e.g. NI TestStand, LabView, etc.). 

  • Two CAN/CAN FD High Speed Channels/Interfaces
  • Configurable CAN Bitrate and CAN Filter 
  • Sending and Receiving of CAN or CAN FD Frames
  • Software support for U-TP (ISO 15765-2) and UDS/XCP
  • Listener Mode for CAN or CAN FD
  • DLL based integration in programming workflow (using ProMik programmer)
  • Support for C#, C++ and C integration
  • Support for NI TestStand integration

The Generic CAN DLL extends the possibilities of a fully configurable flow of the programming process as already available with the pOnline_Pro.
Use the possibility to realize the CAN communication directly as part of the programming process on the same station. For example writing of logistic data or calibration values can be executed without additional equipment.


  • Freely configurable CAN communication at the Flash station without additional hardware and software
  • Simplification of the Flash and Test process
  • High flexibility in the implementation of Flash, Programming and Test processes

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