20. September 2023

New ARM Cortex Processors: Cortex-X4, Cortex-A720, Cortex-A520

The new ARM total compute solutions are supported by ProMik

The solutions of ARM represent the heart of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality. The new generation of ARM's processors promises progress in performance and efficiency. This is made possible by upgrading to a maximum of 14 cores. All processors are supported by ProMik, which allows customers to implement the newest and most powerful technology into their production.

ProMik products and services

  • Bootloader development for all ARM Cortex processors
  • On-chip flash programming
  • SPI/ QSPI flash programming
  • Trust zone technology and hardware security module (HSM)



The new ARM processors

ARM Cortex-X4

Through its eight instead of six Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) the most powerful computing core occupies about ten percent more space than the Cortex-X3. Thereby, not only a perfomance increase of up to 15 percent is reached, but also a lowered power consumption of up to 40 percent. With a core clock frequency of 3.4 GHz the Cortex-X4 provides an outstanding computing power in system on chips (SoCs).

ARM Cortex-A720

The Cortex-A720 provides an increased efficiency of up to 20 percent. It was developed in order to maintain minimal consumption even longterm. The architecture was improved compared to the Cortex-A715 while still requiring the same amount of energy.

ARM Cortex-A520

The smallest of the new ARM Cortex processors is designed particularly for applications with low intensity. The Cortex-A520 owns only two ALUs. However, a consistent performance as well as a lower power consumption of up to 22 percent compared to the Cortex-A510 is promised. It also enables an improved battery life.


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