07. December 2023

Parallel current measurement enables balanced cycle times in production

Success story about ProMik's high-tech modules

Until now, current measurements take place during the functional test (FCT). In order to execute them parallely, expensive measurement equipment is required. ProMik – flash and test partner for microelectronics – solves this problem with high-tech modules. With these, parallel current measurements can take place cost-efficiently.

ProMik's current measurement hardware

Discover ProMik's solutions for cost-effective as well as reliable parallel current measurements:

PCCS Module

4-channel module for parallel power supply as well as voltage and current measurement.

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ProMik's multi-channel power supply with adjustable voltage for supplying applications with up to 50V.

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Advantages of the current measurement within the flash process

The procedure starts with the software programming and a subsequent power cycle. In the past, the application would have been tested only at the end of the production line. In case of errors, elaborate revisions would now have to be made. Nowadays, this hurdle is avoided by performing functional tests simultaniously to the software programming and power cycle. This includes current measurements for sleep and running mode. Like this, deficient applications are not only detected earlier, but also cycle times are being balanced and bottlenecks through the FCT are avoided.

ProMik's hardware is the ideal solution to execute such current measurements. The holistic toolchain of the system provider enables short distances to the target. Thus, currents in the area of below 10µA in raw industrial environments can be measured without additional equipment. The measuring range can be easily adjusted as required, allowing any application to be tested and measurements to be carried out with the precision of a high-end tool.

Additionally, a special feature of ProMik's current measurement hardware is that it obtains multiple channels in order to provide four applications simultaneously while at the same time monitoring voltage and current.

Moreover, ProMik's hardware is available at minimal costs, in contrast to conventional measurement equipment. On top of that, it can also be reused, which is why costs are also saved in later stages. Besides that, the compactness of the solution is mentionable: Instead of elaborate desktop units, the current measurement modules can be easily implemented even into customer-specific test systems. Thanks to the size and speed of the current measurement units, the parallel communication can be done with any number of nests.

Application areas

ProMik's cost-effective measurement hardware is for almost any application the ideal solution. This includes, among other things, applications that require accurate current measurement, testing multiple operating states or performing a boot up for the first time.

Through ProMik's parallel current measurements with the PCCS module and the PSU2048 testing times are reduced distinctively and cycle times are being balanced. This results in concise cost advantages. Contact us today to receive details about the technical background and specific use cases.