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End-of-Line High Speed
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– Telematic Control Unit Demo

At our in-house trade fair, the Technology Days 2024, you can see the XDM series in action up close. In the demonstration of a Telematic Control Unit, the XDM USB and MSP 2100NET are used in combination to enable maximum performance within the project. The XDM USB is used in the initialization of the panel, where a power-up sequence of the MCU is performed using the ProMik High-Speed Bootloader.

Due to their unique capabilities, the modules of the new XDM series are versatile, whether for initial flashing via needles or for end-of-line programming tasks. The XDM-ETH also enables generic Ethernet communication with the application under test. In conjunction with the corresponding software driver, the Ethernet commands can be defined individually.

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  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC running Linux 5.10 operating system
  • 4x Independent Ethernet/USB channel
    • Ethernet throughput with up to 100Mbyte/sec per channel
    • USB3 throughput with up to 300MByte/sec per channel
  • Host Ethernet uplink 1000BASE-T
  • ProMik 19“ Rack compatibility


Leading Edge Programming & Test
Equipment – NXP S32K3 Demo

The demo of the MSP2300NET in combination with the NXPS32K3 shows the idealized application of the programming device for flash programming in production. With up to 20MHz it is possible to carry out the flashing with the help of the MSP23xxNET. The ProMik High-Speed Bootloader also realizes the programming of external memories. Combined with SMART ICT, boundary scans can be covered in minimum time. To ensure that your application is optimally protected, the MSP2300NET can be used to perform a wide range of cyber security services - including HSE security handling, eFusing, secure boot activation and much more.

The MSP2300NET offers maximum flexibility and can be used for inital and EoL flashing, high speed boundary scan and SMART ICT testing, making it a powerful and comprehensive tool for electronics manufacturing. You can discover the full demonstration of the programmer and much more at Technology Days 2024:



  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC running Linux 5.10 operating system
  • 24 configurable I/Os for mixed target interfaces
  • Automotive Bus Interfaces: 4x CAN FD, 2x Ethernet 100/1000BASE-T1, 2x FlexRay, 2x LIN
  • Host Ethernet uplink 1000BASE-T
  • 4x channel Target Power Supply up to 14V + 4x channel 1.5 - 5.5V
  • ProMik 19“ Rack compatibility
  • Voltage/Current Measurement functionality

Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Electronics
Manufacturing – Your Cyber Security Partner
for integrated Flash & Test Solutions

Together with ProMik you will meet all current and future security requirements. The increasing networking (IoT) and further autonomization of driving makes cars of tomorrow simply vulnerable to malware and hackers. Due to this development, security concepts have to be established on the application as well as during the production process in order to guarantee a secure product. Consequently, compliances with complex customer-specific safety mechanisms in series production become an increasing part of customer requirement.

Secure Infrastructure/File Handling

On-chip Security Support

Application Security


  • Consulting & Implementation of customer-specific cyber security requirements
  • Secure OEM backend connection
  • Encryption & decryption of the application software via MES, Programmer and Bootloader
  • Hardware for cyber security relevant applications
  • Mastery of different decryption methods like e.g. PGP, AES, RSA and "Elliptic Curve Algorithms"
  • Reprogramming of components with active security functions e.g software updates via fieldbus interfaces


Innovative Merger of Flash & Test –
Based on ProMik Bootloader Technology

SMART ICT represents the latest technology in embedded testing based on ProMik bootloader technology and offers, in addition to Flash programming, multiple testing capabilities based on standardized hardware and software components. Ensuring lean and efficient processes with one universal hardware to increase the productivity in production.

  • Increased test coverage
  • Faster & stable
  • JTAG/Debug interface independent
  • Parallel

SMART ICT is an inside-out approach to In-Circuit Testing. With a SMART ICT bootloader running on the main MCU of the target PCB, customers can test that components and modules are correctly placed and functioning, without the need for physical connection via test pads.

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  • High Speed Boundary Scan
    • Stable JTAG frequencies of up to 50MHz due to patented IP
  • Flash Programming
    • Fastest Device Driver on the market
  • Functional Test
    • Perform test functions with the same hardware


ProMik Fixture – Best Signal Integrity
for highest Yield & Reliablity

The application-specific fixture kits, which are used for contacting with the customer application, are designed with unique ProMik know-how and enable a simple and fast change in production.

Customers get high quality wiring of the programming signal line, signal integrity testing with the customer application and intelligent ICT testing, combined with robust and durable mechanics from ProMik. We look forward to demonstrating this technology to you at our in-house exhibition. 



  • Fast design- and manufacturing process
  • Highest signal integrity
  • Complex analysis & measurement (FEA, Strain Gauge)
  • Reliable & quality inspected
  • Customizable (sensors & scanners)


Semi Automated Production System –
Flash & Test on One Station

Depending on your production concept, ProMik offers you several options. ProMik’s stand-alone SAP2100-Auto system is suitable for all on-board programming and test requirements. This allows you to fully program and test up to 200 targets in parallel. Plug & Play adapter solutions from ProMik complement the total solution and, depending on your production needs, you can also implement the solution in smaller systems from ProMik like the SAP1021.

  • Based on MSP21xxNet technology
  • System control via FlashTask Pro
  • Easy fixture exchange for multiple projects (RFID protected)

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  • Flash Programming & Test Station
  • Modular concept for upgrade/adaptations
  • Parallel high speed on-board programming on PCB and panel level
  • Based on 19” rack components for easy upgrade
  • Inhouse fixture design and manufacturing for high-speed Flash & test cycles

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