05. October 2022

ProMik supports Texas Instrument's new SoC TDA4VMTM !

Based on the powerful Jacinto™ architecture.

High-performance compute, deep learning engine, dedicated accelerators for signal and image processing - These characteristics describe Texas Instruments' new TDA4VMTM series. Its application area are ADAS devices like robotics, radar and many more. The porcessor cores include a C7x floating point, DSP vectors up to 1 GHz, 80 GFLOPS and 256 GOPS and the deep learning engine matrix multiply accelerator up to 8 TOPS at 1 GHz. In addition to that, the TDA4VMTM provides latest ARMTM and GPUTM processors for general compute, an integrated imaging subsystem, video codec, Ethernet hub and an isolated MCU island. 

Maximum performance with
ProMik and the TDA4VMTM 

  • High speed flashing of external memories
    via ProMik bootloader
  • Secure boot
  • HSM interaction and key provisioning
  • eFusing