27. September 2023

Test Methods within Electronics Manufacturing Whitepaper: The Trend towards Miniaturization

Read everything about the various test methods within electronics manufacturing in ProMik's new whitepaper

For over 25 years, ProMik has consistently impressed as a premier system provider specializing in flash and test solutions for the microelectronics industry. This track record has solidified the position of this medium-sized company as an industry-leading technology provider.

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In the realm of microelectronics testing methods, a distinct trend towards miniaturization is becoming more prominent. The driving force behind this shift, comprehensive insights into diverse techniques and application scenarios, can be explored in our latest whitepaper.

ProMik as expert for test methods within electronics manufacturing

  • Functional tests (FCT)
  • Boundary Scan
  • Fixtures
  • Realization of customer specific requirements
  • and much more

With ProMik as a one stop supplier customers profit not only from reliable test solutions, but also from high-quality flash programming tools as well as cyber security implementations. Contact us today and get to know more about our products and services.