25. January 2024

XMC7000 — New Infineon Industrial MCU

32-bit XMC7000 Industrial Microcontroller Arm® Cortex®-M7

The XMC7000 is the newest of Infineon's industrial microcontrollers (MCU). It contains different interfaces for the use in the industrial environment, like for example CAN FD, Gigabit Ethernet and more. It builts upon high-performance dual-core Cortex®-M7 Arm® cores and is equipped for low as well as high temperatures. Moreover, the XMC7000 is available in four housing/ pin types with 17 part number variants to realize the flexible design requirements of industrial applications. In order to meet the current standards, the MCU is also ideal for the use of artificial intelligence. The XMC7000 can be subdivided into two families.

ProMik products and services

  • Bootloader development for the Infineon XMC7000
  • Embedded Testing with SMART ICT
  • End of line programming
  • 24h-customer-service
  • Cyber security (e.g. eSHE/ HSM programming, OTP programming/ fusing, JTAG Lock, secure boot)



XMC7000 – Features of the MCUs


  • Single or dual core ARM® Cortex®-M7
  • CPU at 250MHz
  • Flash: 1-4MB
  • 1x Mbit Ethernet


  • Single or dual core ARM® Cortex®-M7
  • CPU at 350MHz
  • Flash: 8MB
  • 2x Ethernet (up to 1 Gbit)


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