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Flash Programming –
initially or end-of-line


What is Flash Programming?

Flash programming is a non-volatile programming process in which the (NOR/ NAND) flash memory (eMMC, UFS) is programmed. This allows components (e.g. microcontrollers) to receive and store a program. Only then can the program be executed on the component.

The advantages of flash programming are therefore evident: since it is a non-volatile process, the stored data on the component is saved even if the supply current to the programmed component is switched off. This means that as soon as the power is reconnected, the MCU, memory, etc. can execute the program as usual. Compared to other non-volatile processes, flash programming has the advantage of being reprogrammable. This provides greater flexibility in case of short-term changes.

Advantages of ProMik as In System Programming partner at a glance

  • End-to-end support
  • One-stop supplier
  • More than 25 years of know-how
  • Flexible realization of customer specific projects
  • Highest quality


Flash Programming – Process

Flash programming can either be done via test pads or end-of-line with a plug-in connector. 

For this purpose, the hardware of the device is configured, the memory is initialized and the programming environment is prepared. In the case of in-system programming (ISP), the MCU for the flash does not have to be removed from the application, but can be programmed directly in the device. A programmer is used for this, which can transfer the firmware or software directly to the memory of the device. Depending on the type of memory and other requirements, this is done using various methods such as Fowler Nordheim Tunneling or Hot Carrier Injection.

Once programming is complete, the device is tested.


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ProMik as partner for flash programming and testing

ProMik has been active in the measurement and testing technology market for more than 25 years. Through many years of experience, the system supplier has thus been able to build up a knowhow that distinguishes ProMik as an expert. Besides flash programming, the company also acts as a partner for testing applications by means of specific tests or the comprehensive innovation SMART ICT. In addition to flash programming and testing, ProMik also handles the realization and implementation of cyber security requirements. Furthermore, the expertise enables competent help in the realization of customized projects: Not only does ProMik offer an application support service, but also provides end-to-end support: from the planning of the application through realization to series production.

One-stop supplier

No matter if hardware, software, support or service: Due to an homogenous toolchain all our products and services are manufactured and offered in-house. Thus, ProMik's solutions bear the "made in Germany" quality seal. Customers benefit from ProMik as a one-stop supplier, as they receive all solutions from one source. Like this, the organisation as well as the communication is simplified.

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