23. November 2017

Calibration Services & Certification

Dear valued customer,

We believe there is a good reason to remind you due calibration services for your Flash programming equipment supported by MSP1000NET, 2000NET, 2100NET.
Knowing that our programming tools and systems do work inconspicuously, reliably and do deliver highest quality output year on year the strongly recommended annual calibration services may be overlooked.

Your immediate questions may sound like these:
Why is this annual calibration service necessary and what needs to be done? What is my benefit?

In short words the undivided benefit of ProMik programming tools is the existence of an integrated and software controlled programming voltage source that makes our device independent of any external equipment. And, this voltage source is monitored and recorded throughout the programming sequence. Hence, it is part of the backbone of highest reliable Flash programming quality.
So it is strongly recommended to perform annually recurring calibration services of this parameter to ensure uninterrupted highest quality output. After successful completion a related ProMik certification will be issued for your records.

How to perform these services?

a)    ProMik technical personnel would come on-site to carry out calibration of modules and issue
        certification document with test reports for gained results and proper working of the equipment.
b)    Sequential exchange of programming tools by individual shipments, again including certification of
        performed tasks.
c)    You may consider purchasing our newest calibration tool „MSP Calibration Tool“ in order to perform
        calibration service on your own and any time at your convenience.

Please contact your regional ProMik sales representative for more details and request for quotation or address your request to infopromikcom.

We’ll be delighted hearing back from you.
Your ProMik Team