13. April 2023

Signal integrity pre-programmed: Fixture and adapter construction by ProMik

Already in its third decade, ProMik provides its customers with reliable flash and test solutions at a high standard. Drawing on sound project experience with established manufacturers, the system experts are constantly enhancing their know-how. With its in-house fixture and adapter construction, ProMik proves once again that customer-specific requirements are precisely understood in this company and are fulfilled through specific expertise in finding solutions.


Fixture Key Features:

  • Plug & Play
  • Highest signal integrity
  • Customer specific adjustments (sensors & scanner)
  • Fast design and construction process - made in Germany
  • Comlex measurements and analysis (FEA, Strain Gauge)
  • Comprehensive quality check

    ProMik fixtures: Plug & Play for highest signal integrity

    ProMik fixtures and adapters are used by a number of well-known test handler manufacturers, among others, who rely on high-speed transmission rates. To effectively and efficiently counteract the impact of high frequencies on programming quality, the system experts focus their expertise on in-house fixture and adapter development. With the highest signal integrity, the solutions ensure significantly reduced cycle times and increased output. This high level of quality is made possible by the robust and repeatedly tested wiring, on which ProMik has focused its attention.

    Fully comprehensive tests in the application environment and given equipment enable the ProMik adapter and fixture construction to be integrated smoothly into specific production lines. For the quick replacement of the fixtures, neither adjustments nor tools are required. In addition to the smooth Plug & Play functionality, the individual configurability of the adapters, e.g. through additional test hardware, sensors, stroke counters or scanning technology such as barcode readers, is also convincing. ProMik fixture customers benefit from particularly short delivery times thanks to quick design and production processes. However, this does not detract from the proven quality of the specialized company: With dedicated quality tests and inspections, for instance strain gauge and FEA, error sources in ProMik products - made in Germany - are excluded completely.

    Technical features and range of services

    ProMik develops and manufactures with strong customer focus: The service portfolio includes, depending on circumstances, the complete adapter installation as well as the wiring and final testing as separate services. ProMik also highlights its special proximity to practical implementation in fixture construction through connectivity: The adapters facilitate single-sided, double-sided as well as two-stage and lateral connection. Encapsulated components can also be connected by using ProMik adapters. Overall, connection up to 50 mil with a test point diameter of up to 0.5 mm is possible with ProMik's adapter and fixture construction.

    From the technical details to comprehensive service: ProMik is committed to the highest standards of precision, reliability, and application-specific expertise in finding solutions. Thanks to a well-coordinated team of experienced specialists, the area of expertise extends over various application areas, which covers ProMik not only with highly developed products, but also with comprehensive services. Regardless of the way customers wish to reduce their cycle times and increase their production rate: The experts at ProMik use their know-how to create perfectly integrated, tailor-made solutions.