13. June 2023

ProMik extends its partner network

iKohm is service and sales partner of ProMik in Mexico

ProMik expands regularly its contact to sales and service partners internationally to ensure real-time support for customers worldwide. iKohm represents ProMik's knowhow now in Mexico and consults customers in case of any questions, challenges and other services.

With more than 20 years of experience, iKohm offers test system softwares, equipment and service, which guarantee the appropiate functionality of customer products by validating them through testing throughout the development cycle to guarantee a reliable start for the production phase. Additionally, iKohm offers services for production like, among others, end-of-line and PCBA functional test stations as well as custom electronic test automated stations. 

ProMik as an international partner for Flash Programming

  • High-Speed Flash Programming
  • Embedded Testing with SMART ICT
  • Homogenous Toolchain
  • 24-hour customer service in real-time with worldwide sales partners
  • End-to-end support


The whole list of our professional partners can be found here:

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