7. February 2022

The new XDM series from ProMik supports Automotive Ethernet, USB3 & CAN FD.

Maximum productivity and speed for programming and testing!

Four channels are available per module for Automotive Ethernet, USB3 or CAN FD, which can be configured independently of each other. This allows large memories such as eMMCs, OSPIs or QSPIs to be programmed with throughput rates of up to 300 Mbyte/sec, both individually and in the panel.

The fastest solution
from ProMik for flashing
& testing 

  • Intial programming (e.g. via USB3)

  • End-of-Line programming (e.g via 1000BASE-T1)

  • Functional Test (e.g. Bus Simulation)

  • High scalability (e.g. panel Flash & test)

Contact us at sales@promik.com for more information and application-specific examples of the new XDM Series 
or take a look at the data sheets in advance.