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  • Intial Programming

  • End-of-Line Programming

  • Functional Test 


The new XDM series from ProMik stands for maximum performance and highest productivity. With the newly developed powerful 
hardware and software platform, extensive test requirements and high-speed programming can be implemented quickly and easily.

Complex control units such as navigation systems, multimedia applications or high-performance computers have increasingly larger memories than in conventional production processes, which present a challenge in the implementation of onboard programming solution due to the large amounts of data involved. The reason for this is the long programming times and the resulting longer cycle times. With the new XDM series, ProMik introduces for the first time a programming tool with which large eMMC, OSPI or UFS memories can also be programmed onboard and this within the shortest production cycle times. Further advantages of the XMD series are the multitasking capability, which means that the programming as well as the module test can be executed in parallel in the multiple use (panel). 


4x independent Ethernet channels

  • Up to 100Mbyte/sec

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4x independent USB3 channels

  • up to 300Mbyte/sec



  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC running Linux 5.10 operating system
  • Host Ethernet uplink 10/100/1000 MByte/sec
  • Onboard mass storage
  • Many more


Boost efficiency with ProMik® Production Bootloader

With the help of bootloaders developed by ProMik, high-speed programming of ECUs with the new XDM modules is easily possible. A ProMik production bootloader is temporarily loaded into the ECU during the initial flash process via the needle bed adapter (fixture). This enables tests to be carried out in the subsequent processes as well as high-speed programming via extremely fast communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB3 and CAN FD. After successful flash programming and testing the temporary ProMik bootloader on the ECU is deleted.

Use Case

Big data programming

The benefits at a glance

Maximum productivity and speed
for programming and assembly test!


  • Consulting, conceptual design & implementation of customer-specific production requirements.
  • ProMik Production Bootloader for maximum efficiency 
  • No additional hardware for Automotive Ethernet ECU (Open Alliance TC8) or restbus simulations
  • High speed programming of large memories (e.g. UFS, EMMC, OSPI)
  • Reprogramming of components with active security functions e.g. software updates via Ethernet, USB3 and CAN (FD)
  • Secure OEM backend connection via encrypted communication
  • Support of latest automotive Ethernet standards (e.g. 100/1000BASE-T1)
  • Reduction of bottlenecks such as long test routines and programming of large memories

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