31. October 2022

ProMik and AMD Success Story

Success Story about ProMik's XDM-ETH and AMD's Kria SOM

The XDM-ETH is ProMik's most powerful high-speed module, ideally suited for flash programming and comprehensive test requirements. Within the development of the XDM-ETH, AMD was brought in as a partner with the new Kria 26 SOM.


  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC running Linux 5.10 operating system
  • 4 independent Ethernet channels up to 100 Mbyte/sec per channel
  • Host Ethernet Uplink 1000BASE-T
  • On-Board SATA3 SSD for high-speed data storage
  • Support of Automotive Ethernet ECU test following Open Alliance TC8

ProMik and AMD cooperation

During the development of the XDM series, ProMik was looking for an integrated SoC solution to avoid speed bottlenecks. The Kria 26 SOM represents an Adaptive System-on-Modules. The device simplifies product development and deployment through pre-built hardware and software. With the help of the Kria 26 SOM, ProMik was able to complete the development of the XDM-ETH in a minimum amount of time.