21. December 2022

R-Car SoCs - new from Renesas

SoCs for automated driving, ADAS applications and more

Renesas' new MCU platform is suited for a vide range of automotive applications. The segments of the System on Chip (SoC) family of mircrocontrollers are automated driving, ADAS applications, connected gateway, cockpit/ IVI and cluster. The automotive SoCs are divided into ten sub-series. Each is suited for one or more of these areas, including specific values which differentiate them from eachother.

ProMik products and services

  • High speed flash programming with up to 25MHz via SWD
  • High speed end of line programming
  • Implementation of cyber security
  • eFusing
  • Development of customer-specific bootloaders
  • 24 hours customer service
  • BroadR-Reach


Examples of the R-Car family

R-Car V4H - Automated Driving

The R-Car V4H is one example for the multiple R-Car MCUs which are designed for central processing for automated driving devices. It provides deep learning performance of up to 34 Tera Operations per second, which enables high-speed image recognition and processing of surrounding objects. This technology can be used by automotive cameras, radar and lidar. The R-Car V4H adresses the automotive driving level 2+ and 3.

R-Car V3M - ADAS

Even though the R-Car V3M MCUs are mostly specialized on front camera applications, they can also be used for surround view systems and lidars. The V3M production line provides a highly-efficient image recognition engine, functional safety and low costs through a high level of integration.

R-Car S4 - Connected Gateway

Further on, the R-Car S4 is suited for connected gateway. It features many functions that are necessary for E/E architectures that are currently evolving into domains and zones, such as the launching of Car Server/CoGW with high performance, high-speed networking, high-security and extended safety levels.

R-Car D3e - Cluster

One example of the R-Car family for the segment cluster is the R-Car D3e. These MCUs provide full graphics cluster systems, rendering as well as low-end system solutions. They are especially designed to adress smooth rendering of high-quality 3D graphics.