05. July 2023

Cyber security Whitepaper: the holistic concept

Read everything about cyber security for electronics manufacturing in ProMik's new Whitepaper

Since decades ProMik is known for high-quality solutions for flash programming and testing. Through this established knowhow the system supplier extended the performance spectrum to Cyber Security solutions for the electronics production. These range from on chip cyber security to infrastructural requirements and more.

But why is cyber security already relevant in production? This and many more topics are being discussed in ProMik's new Whitepaper. From  exciting insights into, for example, encryption methods and key programming, the Whitepaper covers all the important developments that cyber security is currently experiencing.

ProMik as expert for cyber security

  • Automotive cyber security consulting
  • On chip cyber security
  • HSM Bootloader programming
  • Key generation
  • Key provisioning
  • and much more


With ProMik as a one stop supplier customers profit not only from holistic cyber security solutions, but also from high-quality flash programming as well as reliable testing methods. Contact us today and get to know more about our products and services.