11. January 2024

Flash Programming Whitepaper: Efficiency, High-Speed and Performance for Electronics

Flash programming offers fulminant advantages through maximum flexibility – ProMik's Whitepaper deepens your knowhow

ProMik recognized the unique characteristics of flash programming early on and therefore specialized in the area. Since its foundation, the company has thus provided high-performance hard- and software for the programming method. Through groundbreaking innovations, the system supplier was able to establish itself as a technology leader and distribute products worldwide.

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Our whitepaper offers an in-depth look at the exciting field of flash programming – from illustrative use cases up to technical profundity, it beholds everything that inquisitive readers are interested in.

ProMik as expert for flash programming

  • Support of any interface (QSPI, JTAG, USB etc.)
  • High-speed programming at the physical limit
  • Multi Standard Programmer for in-system programming
  • Modular software for operator-friendly process control
  • Realisation of customer specific requirements
  • and much more

ProMik distinguishes itself from other suppliers through the holistic product portfolio in particular. High-qualitative hardware, which is produced in-house in Germany, is rounded off by intelligent software and services in the field of cyber security. ProMik's customers are thus supported in the entire field of flash programming. Contact us today to realise your new project!