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Multi Standard Programmer
for parallel Flash Programming
& Functional Tests in production

Manufacture tomorrow's solutions with High-Speed Onboard Flash Programming from ProMik® 

Flexible Flashing through
the In-System Flash Programmer

  • Support of all usual Hardware- Interfaces (BDM, JTAG, SPI, SCI etc.)

  • Additional Automotive Interfaces (CAN FD, Ethernet, LIN etc)

  • Patented cable technology for the use outside the fixture


The tradtional MSP family of ProMik® stands for highest quality and customer satisfication. Since the introduction of the In-System-Flash-Programmer in the early two thousands, the module has convinced through its high flexibility and great performance. The MSP family also adapts to market requirements and grows into a high-performance tool for boundary scan and functional test.

Long programming times can influence and slow down entire production processes. As soon as several production steps within the process require different runtimes, costs within manufacturing increase. This is one of the challenges that ProMik® has addressed. The in-system flash programmers are designed to comprehensively cover the electronics manufacturing toolchain by combining all test and programming requirements into one product. Whether in development for debugging, in prototyping for verification of samples or in series production for the production of ECUs - the MSP family convinces with its flexibility and functionality.


20 frei konfigurierbare I/Os

  • additional CAN, LIN

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Ideal for Functional test

  • Integrated fieldbus module

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24 configurable I/Os

  • CAN FD, USB3
     Automotive Ethernet

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Integration of all flash and test functions in one in-system flash programmer

The MSP series is characterized by its versatile use in electronics manufacturing. The In-System flash Programmer can be used for flashing via test points as well as for flashing via automotive interfaces. The MSP is equipped with CAN-FD, Ethernet and LIN interfaces. In addition, the High-Speed Boundary Scan and the SMART ICT function can be used. The range of these features makes it ideal for parallel flash programming and testing.

Use Case

Increase test coverage with the MSP2150Net

ProMik®'s innovative device drivers can be extended with special functions that allow you to test components without direct test point access, as well as perform dedicated functional tests. In addition, ProMik®'s SMART ICT technology allows you to perform all boundary scan functions at the highest JTAG frequency (50MHz) with cable lengths of up to 1.5m between target and flash programmer.

The benefits at a glance

Maximum productivity and speed
for flash programming and assembly test!


  • Consulting, conceptual design & implementation of customer-specific production requirements.
  • ProMik® Production Bootloader for maximum efficiency 
  • No additional hardware for Automotive Ethernet ECU (Open Alliance TC8) or restbus simulations
  • High speed flash programming of large memories (e.g. UFS, EMMC, OSPI)
  • Reprogramming of components with active security functions e.g. software updates via Ethernet, USB3 and CAN (FD)
  • Secure OEM backend connection via encrypted communication
  • Support of latest automotive Ethernet standards (e.g. 100/1000BASE-T1)
  • Reduction of bottlenecks such as long test routines and programming of large memories

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Your System Partner
for integrated Flash- und Test solutions
for electronics manufacturing


Advantages of Onboard Flash-Programming at a glance:

  • higher flexibility
  • faster time-to-market
  • supply chain simplification
  • short-term software updates
  • Cyber Security solutions
  • programming of dynamic data 
  • traceability (MES)

Use Case

Panel Flash Programming with the MSP2300Net

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