18. April 2024

Flash Programming of Complex Applications in Production

Minimization of Cycle Times in Production through High-Speed Flash Programming

Due to the growing complexity of flash programming in almost all industries, manufacturers are confronted with new challenges. With ProMik's high-tech programming tools like the MSP or XDM series as well as individual solutions for parallel programming, customers are equipped for applications of any degree of complexity. Read more about the background, theoretical solutions and specific use cases in ProMik's Application Note.

ProMik - your Partner for Flash Programming and Testing

  • Universal hardware
  • minimal cycle times through high-speed programming
  • Bootloader development
  • Higher test coverage with SMART ICT
  • 24/7h customer support and service

In case of further question around the topic of flash programming, the ProMik team is available for you around the clock. Contact us today, to receive individual support for your project!