02. March 2023

End-of-Line Programming with XDM-USB: Processing Large Data Volumes on the Production Line

Data and data storage are subject to rapid progress and strong growth. In the production of electronic components, data is only uploaded at the end of the assembly process to ensure its currency and security, among other things. The new XDM series from ProMik® allows large amounts of data to be quickly programmed and integrated into the production line via high-speed interfaces.

Features XDM-USB

  • High speed end-of-line programming
  • Flexible and multipurpose use
  • 4x independent USB3 channels
  • Up to 300Mbytes/sec 

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A high-performance EoL solution must be able to integrate the transfer of large amounts of data flexibly, quickly, and efficiently into the production process. The ProMik® XDM series provides a hardware and software platform that delivers maximum performance for highest productivity.

XDM technology combines flexibility and reliability

Previous production processes are characterized by pre-programmed components and the linking of different systems. Without a homogeneous toolchain for flashing and testing, there is often a lack of necessary performance and efficiency. On the other hand, XDM-USB brings the greatest possible flexibility to the production line with transfer rates of up to 300MB/s.

Thanks to end-of-line programming, quality losses due to upstream testing procedures can also be avoided, especially in large memory applications. Critical procedures such as X-ray and soldering can affect data retention, which is in turn is avoided by the EoL programming.

High-speed programming according to the latest USB3 standards

The demanding end-of-line programming must combine high quality and safety requirements with short cycle times and low production costs. This is the focus of the ProMik® XDM-USB module for programming and testing purposes. It uses the latest USB3 standards to program eMMC, OSPI, or UFS storage and is backward and forward compatible for long-term use.

A central aspect of the XDM-USB solution is to enable minimal production costs even for demanding applications. The XDM technology fits ideally into production processes for infotainment, ADAS and telematics. In general, the ProMik® XDM platform serves complex applications with various SoCs and large memory.

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