9. September 2020

High speed Device Driver for i.MX8 available now!

We are excited to announce that we fully support the i.MX8 family now!

i.MX8 Device Driver
Based on 32-bit and 64-bit Arm® Technology

  • Bootloader development for i.MX8
  • Xccela NOR flash programming
  • Security controller authentication
  • eFusing


What must be observed for flash programming?

Modern applications are often complex in their structure. Therefore, it is necessary to have a profound understanding of the application and the microcontrollers built into it. In some cases, external flash memories are connected to the microcontroller via a parallel high speed bus. In such situations, direct programming of the external flash is usually not possible. Although to ensure efficient On-Board programming, specially developed flash bootloaders from ProMik are used.

In the example shown above, the ProMik bootloader is first downloaded from the programming device to the application via JTAG. The communication to the target takes place through the ProMik programming system (MSP2xxxNet) with a frequency of up to 50MHz with a cable length of up to 1.5m.

The bootloader then initializes the power domain and the system controller of NXP microcontroller i.MX. For this purpose, NXP provides a certified software layer that enables authentication via the security controller. The successful initialization and authentication process are the basic requirements for the execution of software on the device.

The ProMik bootloader, which has now been implemented, achieves the shortest programming times for externally connected memories. In the case of security-relevant applications, it is also necessary to write security keys. For this purpose, the i.MX8 has an OTP block with a 16×32 bit array that can be written once using eFusing.

For more information or use cases please contact our Sales Team: infopromikcom