6. July 2021

Intelligent Flash and test solution for complex ADAS solutions

Holistic concepts for radar, lidar and camera applications

Automotive companies today face increasing testing and programming challenges, which are intensified by the emergence of new technologies such as intelligent vehicles and semi- or fully autonomous vehicles. ProMik has years of industry experience and outstanding know-how in the field of ADAS applications. From development to production, our flash and test solutions are optimally tailored to your requirements and are second to none in terms of scalability, safety, flexibility and reliability.

Our Services

  • In-System Programming
  • ProMik Bootloader for PCB Testing
  • Ultra Fast End-of-Line Programming (e.g. via Ethernet)
  • Secure Flashing

Innovative DDR4 RAM testing

ProMik's unique technology SMART ICT realises new possibilities in the field of testing!

With SMART ICT, for example, RAM memories can be fully tested in the shortest possible time using the most efficient bootloader technologies. With the help of the processor's memory controller, tests can be implemented with nominal clock and timing, whereby errors dependent on the operating clock can be detected at an early stage, thus additionally reducing the test time. Bad solder joints, manufacturing defects on the PCB as well as defective components for signal filtering can thus be reliably identified. Error analysis and benchmarking of the test data can also be carried out directly in the processor, so that only the results need to be transmitted directly to the Flash/test station.

Flash and Test concept by ProMik 

Device Support

Microcontroller for ADAS applications


Mobileye's fifth-generation of autonomous driving chips, the Mobileye EyeQ5 aims for autonomous driving levels 4 and 5

  • High Speed Flashing for external O/QSPI memories
  • Bootloader technology for ultra fast DDR4 Ram test, exceeding Boundary Scan test speeds
  • High Speed Boundary Scan with stabil HF transmissons
  • Cyber Security Support


The S32R product family targets automotive ADAS, industrial, and consumer electronics radar markets with dedicated software and enablement targeted at this application space

  • High Speed flashing for external memories
  • ProMik Bootloader for flashing and performing security functions like device locking
  • Ultra fast RAM testing through ProMik Bootloader
  • High Speed Boundary Scan with stabil HF transmisson

Texas Instruments

ARM Cortex-R5F Cores with C66x DSP core

  • Burn Fuses of the device
  • High Speed programming of QSPI memories without direct test point access
  • ProMik Bootloader for SMART ICT test functionality