16. August 2023

Programming solution for development and prototyping – LAB version of the MSP21xxNet and the FlashTask Pro

Flash and test products for development and prototyping

The new LAB version of the MSP programmers and FlashTask Pro creates support for the industrialisation. Especially for applications with high complexity, early testing of the manufacturing solution is also necessary in development. The LAB product includes a discounted version of the MSP21xxNet programming system and a comprehensive licence for the FlashTask Pro production software. The following five reasons speak for the use of the innovative variant.

Features MSP21xxNet 

  • 20 freely configurable I/Os
  • Additional interfaces for CAN & LIN
  • Parallel high-speed programming
    (at the physical limit of the device) 
  • Modular concept for fast
    project adaption or modification

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Advantage 1: Simplification of industrialisation through maximum flexibility

In order to provide customers with comprehensive flash programming not only in production, but also in prototyping and development, ProMik offers a discounted MSP21xxNet in combination with a limited licence of FlashTask Pro. This means that the challenge of smoothly incorporating prototypes into series production is no longer an obstacle. Redesigns and second sources can also be realised quickly and easily with the LAB variant.

Advantage 2: Prototypes can be programmed, tested and verified with one software and hardware platform

Functionally, the LAB version does not differ from conventional products. The entire flash programming and functional tests can thus be covered without any problems. In addition, the integrated debugging functions of the LAB version enable the programming and testing of hardware security modules (HSMs), so that earlier errors between development and series production can be detected and corrected directly. This guarantees a simplified ramp-up. 

Advantage 3: Only one tool is needed for different programming interfaces, MCUs and flash memory

The MSP programmers show maximum flexibility with their available interfaces. Due to the freely configurable I/Os, which support JTAG, BDM, SPI and many other interfaces, it is very easy to test and programm the complete application with one tool. This distinguishes the MSP from other tools that support specific components and saves additional equipment.

Features FlashTask Pro

  • Process control via JobFiles
  • Operator-friendly interface
  • MES interface
  • Traceability and Diagnostics

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Advantage 4: Programming and testing times are reduced to a minimum

ProMik's high-quality equipment and user-friendly FlashTask Pro software significantly reduce programming and testing times. This again saves the customer costs.

Advantage 5: High-tech equipment at an entry-level price

Due to the reduced price and the licence for ProMik's FlashTask Pro, the costs for implementing the flash programming tools are reduced to a minimum. 


Thus, the LAB version of the MSP21xxNet and FlashTask Pro is the ideal choice for flash programming and testing for prototyping and development. If customers are interested in the LAB versions, they can contact their usual contact person or use the general contact form.