06. December 2022

Full Automation of the Programming and Test Process

How ProMik contributes to the further development of Industry 4.0

2.62 billion euros were spent on Industry 4.0 2020 in Germany alone. Intelligent or automated processes enable more efficient and thus cost-saving production in manufacturing. ProMik's expertise in process automation with the help of robot technologies is considered one of the core competences of the technology leader.

SAP 2100-Auto Key Features:

  • Integrated Semi Automatic Programming System for parallel Onboard Flash Programming
  • Automatic closing and opening
  • Complementable by robot connection
  • Up to three 19'' racks with up to 30 programmable modules
  • Parallel programming and testing of up to 200 targets 
  • Supports CAN FD, LIN, BroadR-Reach and further automotive interfaces

The foundation of automated programming - the SAP2100

ProMik's Semi Automatic Flash Programming Stations (SAPs) can already improve the industrial programming process by a signifcant amount. With the help of the SAP2100, only a few steps are required to contact the test points of the PCB with the needle bed: First, the SAP2100 requires the PCB to be inserted by hand. In order to reduce errors to a minimum, ProMik uses a pre-centering system, which prevents the PCB from being inserted incorrectly by means of precisely positioned holes. The programming station is then closed and the target is flashed. With up to 200 programmable targets, the SAP2100 enables parallel flashing at the highest level. Based on the technologies of the MSP2100Net and the Flash Task GUI, ProMik convinces with customer-friendly operation and optimal on-board programming.

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Enhancement of the SAP2100-Auto by means of robot connection for complete automation

Despite the optimization of the manufacturing process with the help of the SAP2100, ProMik goes one step further towards Industry 4.0 with the next generation of the programming station. The SAP2100-Auto features automatic closing and opening and can be supplemented with a robot connection at the customer's request. The figure shows an example of the integration of ProMik's robot connection into a production process. First, the needle bed adapter of the SAP2100-Auto opens automatically. The robot independently attaches to the PCB and places it in the predetermined contacting unit of the SAP2100-Auto. This is also possible with several PCBs, so that they can be programmed in parallel. After programming, the adapter opens automatically and the robot removes the programmed PCBs.

Thanks to ProMik's years of experience in the field of automation, the technology leader guarantees maximum process reliability in stand-alone solutions as well as in entire production lines within flashing & testing. The benefits of automation are clear: The use of assembly line production robot, for example, convinces with shorter cycle times, advantages in terms of operating staff, a leaner production process and more safety in the workplace.

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This innovation from ProMik is already being used today. Cobots from Universal Robots find their place in numerous customer projects. As ProMik is specialized in the implementation of your customer requirements, the connection of other manufacturers is also possible through ProMik's universally designed hardware.

If you are interested in automating your production line with specific customer requirements, you can contact our customer service or fill out the contact form.


The road to Industry 4.0 in flashing together with ProMik

In order to meet customer requirements, to guarantee an optimal flash process and to take future-proof steps, it is necessary to rely on a flash partner who provides the required innovations and knowledge for this. ProMik is the ideal partner for this, offering solutions that contribute to the further development of Industry 4.0 thanks to its experience in the flash sector and its comprehensive product portfolio.