19. October 2022

ProMik realizes cyber security project

ProMik as a competent and reliable partner for cyber security in production

ProMik stands out from other suppliers when it comes to implementing cyber security requirements. Instead of providing only the firmware implementation of cyber security, ProMik offers full support - From initial production concepts to project execution and ramp-up. ProMik demonstrated this service portfolio once again in a new cyber security project by fulfilling all technical conditions. In this case a distinction is made between application and IT data structure requirements.

 The difference in production

  • Consulting and implemenation of customer-specific cyber security requirements
  • Secure OEM back-end connection via encrypted communication
  • Encryption and decryption of the application software via MES, programmer and bootloader
  • Hardware for cyber security relevant applicationn
  • Mastering encryption methods like PGP,AES,RSA and „Elliptic Curve Algorithmen“
  • Device re-programming with active security functions via feldbus interfaces e.g. software updates

ProMik provides holistic support in the area of cyber security:

Both on-chip cyber security functions are realized and communication and interaction with the IT data structures are enabled. The advantages of ProMik‘s cyber security include higher fail-safety, the project-based one-stop solution as well as less required interfaces and thus a secure solution.

Get to know more about the cyber security solutions and services of ProMik:

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