24. May 2023

em microelectronic's EM6580 belongs to ProMik's device portfolio

Low power multi I/O, flash-based microcontrollers.

The flash-4-bit microcontroller comes in a 8-pin SO housing and works on a computing power of 0.4 MIPS. The EM6580 is designed for use in battery-operated and field-powered applications requiring an extended lifetime. The high integration level makes it the ideal choice for cost sensitive devices. Furthermore, the EM6580 obtains a Power-On-Reset, a Watchdog Timer, different clock functions and a 10 bit up/ down counter.

ProMik products and services

  • Bootloader development for EM6580
  • High speed end of line programming
  • 24-hour customer service
  • eFusing



Performance-efficient Power Supply

The EM6580 can be powered up with only one external source. The power supply is built on an energy saving architecture which includes an internal voltage regulator. The microcontroller requires 5.8 µA in active mode and merely 0.32 µA in sleep mode.

RC Oscilliator or external clock

Both internal RC Oscilliator and external clock can be used for operation. The already integrated RC Oscilliator generates the system operating clock for CPU and peripheral blocks without needing an external component. The oscilliator frequency can be selected from five possibilities (32kHz, 64kHz, 128kHz, 256kHz or 500kHz) via a register with two basic frequencies.