18. Mai 2021

eMMC High Speed Flashing

ProMik successfully enabled In-System Programming support for all major manufacturer: Hynix, Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Sandisk and Toshiba.

ProMik supports In-System Programming (ISP) of high capacity eMMC devices implementing the electrical standard specified by the JEDEC committee. With ProMik's innovative technology, stable data transfer rates of up to 80MB/s are readily achievable.

Our Services

  • Programming via ProMik bootloader
  • Programming via testpads
  • Partitioning & formatting

High Speed Flashing with ProMik's latest eMMC Copy Buffer 

ProMik's new add-on hardware, the eMMC Copy Buffer, enables flashing of eMMC memories via test points reaching data transfer rates of up to 80MB/s. For applications where testpoints on the eMMC data lines are not available, the ProMik Bootloader technology can be used instead. By downloading and executing our bootloader in the RAM of the main MCU, we can utilize any available high speed interface of the ECU (USB3, 1000Base-T1 Ethernet, etc...) to transfer the programming data with even higher throughput into the eMMC. By supporting the whole function range of the target device, we can offer customized services for: Partitioning, Formatting, Activation of Wear Leveling, Health Check and even more.