01. February 2023

i.MX9 series of NXP - supported by ProMik

Power Efficiency, Edge-Aware and Security all in one.

Based on the already established i.MX8 SoCs, NXP takes another step towards the realization of complex automotive devices with the new i.MX9 series. The i.MX9 microcontrollers combine high-performance cores, an independent real-time domain, an Energy Flex architecture, security through EdgeLock Secure Enclave, and multi-sensory data processing engines. The MCUs also contain hardware-neutral processing units that enable more complex machine learning applications.

ProMik products and services

  • Bootloader development for i.MX9
  • High speed end of line programming
  • Security Controller Authentification
  • eFusing
  • Implementation of Cyber Security
  • Secure Boot


Key technologies

Power Efficiency

The NXP Energy-Flex architecture built into the i.MX9 focuses on use cases with optimal energy efficiency for critical customer requirements. Correspondingly, the processors of the i.MX9 series have a fine-grained power consumption control.


A balanced combination of sensor interfaces, media processing, and neural network acceleration is ideal to obtain an optimal end-device solution. This is especially important in edge machine learning. The i.MX9 series delivers efficient machine learning acceleration to enable next-generation microelectronics use cases and improve data protection, latency as well as bandwidth.


The i.MX9 microcontrollers use EdgeLock Secure Enclave for enhanced security. The self-contained on-die hardware security subsystem has its own security core, internal ROM, secure RAM, and supports crypto accelerators and hashing capabilities for security services of other user-programmable cores within the system-on-chip.