23. May 2024

On-Chip Cyber Security Application Note

Security for all Applications on Chip Level

In the heart of microchips (MCUs) lies the key for the cyber security of whole applications for the protection against cyber attacks. In our new application note, you can read more about  on-chip cyber security and ProMik's many years of experience in the industry. Get to know more about how hardware security modules (HSMs) are activiated, how cryptographic keys are generated as well as provisioned and how secure communication is enabled.

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ProMik - your Partner for Cyber Security

  • Full HSM Activation Flow
  • Implementation of customer-specific software interfaces
  • Debug interface lock
  • Flash protection
  • Secure Boot Activation

In case of further question around the topic of cyber security, the ProMik team is available for you around the clock. Contact us today, to receive individual support for your project!