26. February 2021

pOnline_Pro Flash and Test Software Boasts Efficient Algorithms

Dynamic and Comprehensive Process Control in Electronics Production

Users in the field of electronics production know only too well that control, efficiency, and flexibility are essential when operating flash programming stations, as well as test equipment using the ICT and FCT methods. The ProMik® pOnline_Pro software solution is designed to meet these requirements through highly efficient algorithms and ramp up DLL-based device drivers.

The most important features at a glance

  • Implementation in existing systems such as ICT, Flash and FCT
  • DLL based device driver for Windows 32/64 bit and Linux based systems for high-speed flash programming
  • Smooth implementation in customer host software (e.g. LabView, TestStand)
  • Flashing Devices with MCU specific functions (Margin Verify, Cyber security features HSM, JTAG Lock function)
  • Function Call flexibilty 


The flash and test software is a comprehensive follow-on technology of the Winp_onlineNET solution. Based on the findings obtained from the operation of the predecessor version software, the well-established provider ProMik® has focused on the present-day and future requirements of real-life operation. The pOnline_Pro, which is now available, can build on proven strengths, either on Windows 32/64 bit operating systems or Linux-based systems, and boasts new features and benefits.

Implementation, integration, and features

The fundamental benefit of the software is to give the user the widest possible range of controls over the flash process. The system has been developed for smooth implementation in the already existing systems, such as flash programming stations, as well as ICT and FTC test equipment. This also applies, among other things, to the integration of TestStand or LabView into user interfaces.

A key feature is the programming of DLL-based device drivers at high speed. This is supplemented by many other features that make pOnline_Pro a versatile, powerful tool in electronics production. In addition to the supply voltage control, programming components with MCU-specific features and the application power-up sequence control, the software also enables checksum calculation and watchdog control. The new ProMik® enhancement can also be used as a test tool with a graphical user interface for debugging support, as well as handling and operating safety-relevant components. The further information and key features can be found here.

In tune with the latest developments: what is new, what has been optimised?

The ProMik® enhancement is based on the Winp_onlineNET predecessor software version. The new pOnline_Pro is even more functional and powerful compared to the Winp_onlineNET software version. The compelling advantages of the upgrade include the improved control properties and a reduced number of the function calls needed, as well as more dynamic control and faster programming. It facilitates parallel programming and offers outstanding handling characteristics.

ProMik® has been a reliable partner in flash programming and many related competencies for over 25 years. The proximity to the market, an insight into everyday practice, and the resulting know-how are valued by numerous long-standing customers from the industrial automation and automotive industries and other sectors.